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Meet Kate Coleman

Founder of No Packet November®

No Packet November® was created in 2016 after Kate Coleman from Tasting Fitness noticed a child with 7 packets in their lunchbox.

Processed, packaged lunchbox snacks have become normal in today's society with many children having 2-5 packets each day.

Unfortunately many parents are busy and stressed out, and packaged snacks are very convenient.

Many packaged snacks are marketed by the billion dollar companies as being 'healthy' when they are often loaded with sugar, salt, preservatives and additives.

Some popular muesli & cereal bars contain around 30 ingredients, many of which are unrecognisable and could not be found in your own pantry, e.g. 171, 100, 120, 160c, 903, 904, 304, 307b, 472e are all found in a popular cereal bar - Lots Clever Marketing!

Most lunchbox snacks come in individual packets, therefore contributing to the amount of plastic waste going to landfill.

By 2050, scientists predict that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Kate Bread.JPG

Kate Coleman - No Packet November® & Tasting Fitness founder

What can we do?

  • Buy more fresh fruit and vegetables and cut them up as a healthy, affordable and packet free snack

  • Make your own cakes, biscuits, slices and muesli bars using the recipes from our ambassadors

  • Get your kids involved with the food shopping and cooking.  Try shopping at your local greengrocer

  • Buy in bulk, e.g. plain crackers and cheese or a large pot of yoghurt to avoid the individual wrappers

  • Learn how to read food labels (a great resource is the Additive Free Kids website and The Lunchbox Effect from The Root Cause), and try to avoid foods with lots of ingredients, and those where sugar is in the first few ingredients

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