Who loves a Weis Bar? Why not make your own at home? It’ll probably have less sugar, preservatives and cost less to make. You can modify the fruit to your liking or whatever you have in the fridge.

If you haven’t realised by now there is sugar in everything! Sadly our children are exposed to it at such a young age and probably consume too much of it and not enough fruit and vegetables. One way to help control your household’s sugar intake is to create your alternatives. Alternatives that aren’t full of sugar, flavouring and preservatives.  ​​ Here’s a recipe to create your own fruit gummies usin...

With the demands of parenting and the craziness of life with kids, trying to juggle it all is difficult. Finding the balance in our busy lives can be hard at times but we share 20 small things you can do which can have a big change in your family’s lives.

Cookies are a favourite snack with kids but the packaged options are usually filled with lots of sugar and preservatives. By baking your own you know exactly what’s in them. By making your own you’re also saving a lot of money, as you’ll soon realise how little it costs to bake cookies in bulk.

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