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20 Small Tips With Big Results For Your Family

With the demands of parenting and the craziness of life with kids, trying to juggle it all is difficult. Finding the balance in our busy lives can be hard at times but we share 20 small things you can do which can have a big change in your family’s lives.

20 Small Tips With Big Results For Your Family - No Plastic November
  • Spend more time outdoors, whether nature walks, the local swimming pool or playing footy in your backyard. 

  • Change one food at a time when beginning your healthy food journey. Too much too fast will only result in children saying no to everything. 

  • Try saying YES more to your children. Will it really hurt if they have ten more minutes outside? Or dinner on a picnic mat on the floor occasionally? 

  • Get the kids in bed earlier. Children need a lot of sleep for their bodies to re-energise from the day ready for a new one. 

  • Teach the kids basic yoga and meditation- it's a life skill that will benefit them greatly everyday and even more as they grow up. 

  • Ditch the processed muesli bars and biscuits for home made ones. They are cheaper, more delicious and much healthier. 

  • Let your child over hear you saying something really nice about them to another person. 

  • Offer raw vegetables as snacks for the kids daily. 

  • Make your own treasure hunts & obstacle courses with the kids. These will provide endless fun and have so many physical and mental benefits you will see.

  • Ditch vegetable oil for olive oil, coconut oil, butter and ghee. 

  • Never allow phones in the bedroom. Also ditch the television in the kids rooms. 

  • Be kind to your children and others. They watch and hear everything you do. Be a positive role model in your children's lives. Be who you want them to grow up to be. 

  • Follow through with your consequences. Children respect parents more when they are honest and do what they say. Even if they lose it at the time.  

  • Eat dinner as a family. Talk about your day. Turn the television off. 

  • Have some one on one time with each child. As simple as reading a book with them while the other children are playing outside or playing with toys. This will mean so much to them and is really important to have that special bond time. 

  • Tell you children how much you love them EVERY single day.

  • Have a night routine to wind down. Read books, have the kids read to you, dim the lights. Bed time will go much smoother incorporating this consistently. 

  • Get down on the floor with your children and REALLY play with them. Build with lego, colour in pictures, play basketball, thread some beads onto necklaces.

This post was originally posted by Kate from Healthy Fit Kids.

You can still join No Packet November. Join us in minimising landfill waste by reducing the amount of packaged food your household buy’s for the whole month, and replace with fresh, whole foods or home made items instead. To know more or to sign up and participate click here.

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