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Frozen Berry Smoothie

Sharon Flynn from The Fermentary has become a regular speaker at some leading Australian food events, and loves to share her passion through workshops and classes. Make sure you visit for plenty of recipes and fermenting tips.

We want to make our real, slow ferments SO delicious that people everywhere will be able to access them or if not, make it themselves and want to eat or drink some every day.

For good guts we produce authentic, slow fermented vegetables, milk and water kefirs, mustards, miso and kvass. And for those who'd rather make their own, the know-how or confidence through our wide range of workshops, and my book 'Ferment for Good, Ancient foods for the modern gut'

Use frozen berries of your choice that you've hopefully picked yourself.... or chosen carefully or perhaps you're on top of things and your picked them yourself and froze them..... Anyway. A handful of berries in your blender with a dash of maple syrup, some cinnamon, and a bit of vanilla is gorgeous and kids love it. Add a banana if you like.

750ml Milk Kefir

I cup of frozen berries

1/2 cup banana, frozen or fresh

dash maple syrup if you don't have a banana

drop of vanilla (takes the edge off for fussy people)

pinch of cinnamon (good for you)

Because the milk kefir is full of antioxidants, colours do really very well in this and over a couple of days the colour stays vibrant, so it's also really nice to ADD KEFIR TO A GREEN SMOOTHIE. It'll help it keep it's green-ness.

Hint: Most store-bought milk kefir is made using starter cultures, taking away the yummy flavours and fizz, as well as greatly decreasing the amount of good bacteria you get. Milk Kefir is possibly the easiest ferment to make yourself, all you need is a small amount of milk kefir SCOBY (which will reproduce and grow- you only have to buy this once) and good milk!

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