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Healthy Teeth

Thanks to my local dentist Jose who has provided me with the tips below to maintain healthy teeth (remember, when you do drink water, have you own drink bottle and say no to plastic straws).

With the festive season approaching and Christmas and the New Year around the corner this is my favourite time of the year.

I personally love the longer days and the weather warming up means you can hop out of bed that little bit easier in the morning.

The upcoming holiday season also means that our routines and dietary preferences change and what we see and hear at our Dental Practice during this time and other holiday periods is we sometimes forget to look after our teeth as well as we would otherwise when we’re in ‘9-5’ work or schooling mode.

So here are some easy dietary tips we can that we can follow while we’re away, camping, interstate or over at a relatives place;

1. Gulp Down Water

Our saliva is made of nearly 100% water, when we don't drink enough it isn't as runny and therefore doesn't naturally break down and wash away food particles. Tap water may also contain Fluoride which hardens our teeth during the day as it gets soft from acid wear from other food and drink.

Sparkling or carbonated water is becoming a go to drink for people wanting an alternative. This is ok as another option and doesn't harm your teeth unless it has been sweetened.

Tip - Keep a bottle of water near your car keys, that way you’ll grab both on the way out.

2. Get Your Fruit and Veg On

Food high in fibre such as Apples (with skin on), Carrots and raw Spinach brush your teeth without you realising. The fibre in certain fruit and veg gently scrub at the surface of your teeth to remove plaque on the surface of your teeth as well as pushing out other annoying bits of food that get wedged between our teeth. Carrots and Celery are especially great lunch box treats!

Tip - Buy fruits and veg that are in season, they’ll be more power packed with nutrients.

3. Cheese Please

For those of us who are impartial to a bit of Cheese, heres good news. The French eat cheese after the main course but before dessert. If we fine tune that order and eat a small portion of cheese AFTER dessert it will help reverse the effects of acid wear on our teeth from breads, sweets and drinks.

Tip - Pre cut slices of cheese to make serving easier, just make sure its wrapped well.

4. Green Tea

An easy enough option wether your in out of of the house. Green tea has active micronutrients called Polyphenols which kills the bacteria in plaque that causes tooth decay or limits there effect. Green Tea is also great for your metabolism and will definitely help you move around a bit easier after your Christmas food coma!

Tip- With time being of the essence pre make some tea in a thermos.

These four tips are easy to remember and implement and helps keep our teeth and gums healthy when our toothbrush and floss is not at an arms reach. Im hoping everyone has a safe and enjoyable upcoming festive season.

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