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Louise Keats Thai Fish Cakes

These Thai Fish Cakes look delicious. I'll admit I don't cook with fish enough, but will have to give Louise's recipe a try. Find out more about No Packet November ambassador Louise Keats below.

Louise has published five cookbooks. She is also the Nutrition Director at Vive Active and makes regular media and public speaking appearances. Louise has two regular nutrition columns in Australia’s leading food publication, Taste Magazine

Louise is a graduate of the prestigious cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu, and has postgraduate nutrition qualifications from Deakin University. Her research interests include infant and toddler nutrition, flavour learning and optimal nutrition for adults.

Coming from one of Australia’s foremost food families – her grandmother is Australia’s best-loved cookery expert, Margaret Fulton – Louise’s family life has always revolved around cooking and eating well. Louise is now continuing in the family tradition and bringing her food heritage to a new generation … with a healthy twist.

These are superb for lunch or dinner. Feel free to adjust the curry paste – using just a little if cooking for a child, or none at all – to achieve the right flavour and heat in this dish.


450 g (1 lb) firm white boneless fish fillets, chopped ½ teaspoon grated ginger 3 coriander (cilantro) sprigs, leaves only 2 spring onions (scallions), roughly chopped 5 green beans, trimmed and roughly chopped 1 teaspoon soy sauce or tamari (choose a gluten-free brand if needed) 1 egg 3 teaspoons red curry paste olive oil or coconut oil, for shallow frying


Place the fish, ginger, coriander, spring onion, beans and soy sauce in a food processor or Thermomix and process until almost smooth (Thermomix: speed 5). Add the egg and process until well combined. (Set aside some of the fish mixture for your baby if needed.) Lightly process or stir the red curry paste through the remaining mixture.

Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Working in batches, drop heaped tablespoonfuls of the fish mixture into the hot pan and cook for 1–2 minutes on each side, or until cooked through and golden. Drain on paper towel and keep warm.

Serve the warm fish cakes with a cucumber dipping sauce on the side.

Baby’s serve: for a younger baby, wait until your baby is managing some finger foods (which may not happen until 8–9 months or older) before offering her these fish cakes. Cut them into strips or halves that she can easily hold. For an older baby, cut into strips or halves or serve as is.

Toddler’s serve: serve as is.

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