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Nourish Me Salad Dressing

Make sure you visit Aliso Latto's website 123NourishMe for loads of recipes and tips for living a healthier life. Alisa also sells natural products such as Magic Sprinkles and the very popular Sleepy Head Balm.

This salad dressing will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Seriously. My grandmother, Barbara used to make amazing salad dressing (stay tuned for her ultimate green dressing coming soon) but this one is a winner and so simple to make. I think variations of this recipe have been in our family for years and when my cousin Anna made this last year I was reminded how incredible such a simple recipe can be.

Everyone I have made this for has loved it and it's delicious on any salad you can imagine. It transforms ANY salad into a taste sensation. It is nourishing and delicious and a great immune builder. I also use it on a stir fry, baked potatoes, veggie chips - actually anything savoury. Did I mention it is SO SIMPLE! Please try it and let me know what you think.


3 tablespoons or full fat organic/biodynamic yoghurt ( I use Paris Creek as it has no fillers and good probiotic content.)

1 tablespoon of organic wholegrain mustard

1 large clove of Organic Garlic

2 tablespoons of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Macadamia Oil

1 small handful of Fresh Mint


1 Blitz on high speed for 5 seconds in high powered blender and pour in salad.

This recipe can be made in bulk or larger quantities and kept in glass jar in fridge and it keeps for well over a week.

For more recipes visit Alisa's website at 123NourishMe

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